Indonesian Islands Of Komodo

Pulau Tidung is found relatively close to the capital city of Jakarta, which you wouldn’t have to spend unnecessary time just looking to get there. Tidung offers secluded beaches, starry nights along with an amiable community. Pulau Tidung is divided into two islands, which are Pulau Tidung Besar and Pulau Tidung Kecil. It is actually approximately 200 meter wide and 5 kilometer long, and is home to about 4,000 inhabitants.

To refresh and renew DG Family’s energy, DG Family experienced a short vacation in Pulau Tidung. To access Tidung Island, DG Family were required to depart with motorized wooden boats through Muara Angke port. Upon arrival at Tidung Island port, we met our 2 tour guides from Colle Adventure tour that would assist us. We were escorted to Mahardika Villa.

Walking. You can walk over the Bridge of Love for the island Tidung Kecil. In the bridge you can observe the coral reefs and fish below the surface – small fish that live near to the side from the wooden bridge. Bridge of affection is an excellent place to see sunrise and sunset too and if you would like try out your courage, you may jump the 10 meters from your bridge in the sea.

Pulau Tidung Indonesian Island Holidays

Tidung is about a 3-hour ride from Muara Angke, the port in North Jakarta using a slower, wooden boat or ferry. The ferry departs from Muara Angke to Tidung only once a day at 7:00 am, so make sure you wake up early enough to get there by the due date! Alternatively, you are able to catch a speed boat from Ancol Marina Harbor, in which case Tidung (see Paket Pulau Tidung) would be just 1.5 hours away. Lodgings and amenities are located on the main island of Tidung Besar, while the smaller island is practically uninhabited which is mostly mangrove forest.

Snorkeling: Do not worry if you do not have or otherwise to take snorkeling equipment since you can rent it for only Rp. 35.000. The water is apparent, abling you to see a variety of creatures and coral reefs. It is possible to employ a boat to access some of the more remote, beautiful underwater spots.

Banana Boat and canoe: since the sea ahead of the beaches is shallow and the water is clean, beaches across the Pulau Seribu are secure for kids. It is possible to eat local food with the many stalls for around Rp. ten thousand per meal. The accommodations on Tidung island are cozy homestays, with a selection of AC or non AC rooms. Alternatively it is possible to go camping at the shore. There aren’t any top-class hotels or resorts at Tidung island.

Another fun activity is watching the production of “tukik”. This is the name of ready-to-an-adventure turtles. Those small sea turtles will likely be released inside the open sea when reaching a proper age. It really is indeed an intriguing sight. To be honest you should are available in the proper time. This is due to the keeper doesn’t do it every time. Should you be lucky, you can witness them. Or else, you should gather specifics of when the release of those sea turtles is.

As mentioned before, how big the construction isn’t big. There are numerous ponds there. All of them contains many small turtles. They are cute! Their look is unique. Their mouth is curved along with their skin has got the texture of a chainsaw. A distinctive part is definitely the color of their shell. It may well alter into different color according to temperature of water. The conservation area provides a shady nuance. Thus, it is comfortable for visitors. Also, you may introduce such species in your kids. It will likely be a worthy education.

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